Application Procedure

 Applying to the Junior German Assistant Programme happens in six steps:


  • Step 1 – First contact


  • Step 2 – Compiling the application form in German


  • Step 3 – Application interview in Erfurt


  • Step 4 – Information about the interview results


  • Step 5 – Compiling the final application form in English


  • Step 6 – Start of school placing


The deadline for the German application form is 1 October of the year before the potential time abroad starts. Until then, all forms are supposed to have arrived at Jena. Afterwards the programme makes a selection as to who is invited to an interview (30 October). The interview marks a very important step of the procedure. With every applicant we conduct a 90 minutes interview divided in two phases: the individual interview (60’) and an interactive part together with another applicant (30’). If an applicant gets a place in the programme s/he has to compile the final application form in English (deadline is 6 January) which is then send to the schools by the programme.


Thereby, the programme selects the assistant for the school according to the school’s profile as well as to the applicant’s personality and skills. If desired, the school may conduct its own interview (via telephone, Skype etc.) with the applicant after receiving the application form. Please inform your contact person in the JGA-Programme so that this can be arranged.


After accepting and employing the applicant it is his/her task to contact the school in order to receive all important details (e.g. date of arrival, travel arrangements, further requirements). Please note that the Junior German Assistant Programme of the Gudrun Frey Foundation functions as sending organisation. The assistant concludes a contract directly with the school. However, the programme and the personal contact person remains point of contact throughout the year.