All schools the Junior German Assistant Programme works together with should meet the following conditions for employing a TEACHING AND BOARDING ASSISTANT:

  • An employment always holds for the whole academic year
  • All schools will receive the programme’s Document of Acceptance which they have to fill in and send back to the programme in order to officially conform the employment of the assistant (please note that the document has to be signed by the Headteacher)
  • During the year the school provides board and lodging for the assistant
  • Throughout the year the assistant has a contact person/supervisor/mentor in the school to turn to if there are questions and/or problems (i.e. in most cases Head of German and/or Head of Boarding)
  • Most schools pay an assistant salary (pocket money) which is highly appreciated by the programme. If schools are not able to do so individual arrangements can be made
  • At the end of the year the assistant may receive a testimonial (TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN). We advise all assistants to use this opportunity, as it is an important reference for their future career


The year can only be successful for both assistant and school if they take advantage of each other. We therefore kindly ask the schools to give the assistant every opportunity there is to get involved in different areas of the school life depending on the assistant’s skills and interests. Every applicant is different and the JGA-Programme tries very hard to send assistants who fit to the school’s profile so that the school will benefit from him/her. At the same time, the assistant should also benefit from the school.



In order to apply to the Junior German Assistant Programme, applicants should meet the following requirements:

  • Enjoying the work with children and adolescents and teaching them as well as a generally positive attitude towards school as an institution
  • A-Level, AVCE – in exceptional cases intermediate examinations (Master of Education) or Bachelor Degree – with good and very good results
  • Profound general knowledge, cultural and social open-mindedness
  • Dedication to sport, music, (performing) arts
  • Declaration of obligation signed by assistant and a parent when admitted to the programme
  • Participation in two weekend seminars before and after the year abroad
  • Writing reports during and at the end of your assistant year
  • Assistant has to be 18 years of age


      Status reports: 1 November, 1 February, 1 May / Final report: 1 August 


The assistant is asked to contribute his/her skills wholeheartedly besides the language department and boarding in order to become a vital member of the school community (e.g. taking part and/or assisting in activities of the Music and/or Performing Arts and/or P.E. Department).