The Junior German Assistant Programme was founded by Gudrun Frey, senior teacher, retd. This was possible due to a German-British exchange programme which she had established at the Wilhelm-Loehe-School Nuremberg, her former school. Whilst pioneering the exchange she was able to use connections and experiences she made during two university years in London.

When she retired, just after the wall came down in Germany, she did not want those experiences to lie waste, but wanted young people to benefit from it, especially in the newly formed German federal states after the reunification in 1990.

At first, she had “saved” one position as JUNIOR GERMAN ASSISTANT at an English school she knew from former times. Today there are about 20 spots – in Ireland, Thailand and South Africa besides the UK. But as German as a subject taught in schools is more and more decreasing, the programme had to adapt to the new situation. By changing the position to TEACHING AND BOARDING ASSISTANT, schools offering no German can use the assistant in other departments depending on the assistant’s skills and interests. Every year between 15 and 20 young people spend a year abroad with the programme. Until now they have all come back with great experiences, close-to-perfect English skills, a big circle of friends abroad and most of them knowing which course to choose at university.

It is all thank to the constant commitment of Gudrun Frey who always supported the assistants’ causes throughout her life time. On 8 December 2009, she passed away in Nuremberg. The Junior German Assistant Programme is carried on in Gudrun Frey’s spirit and has been the main programme of the Gudrun Frey Foundation since its approval on 8 December 2010.