The Programme

High-school graduates – if qualified – have the chance to apply for a position as TEACHING AND BOARDING ASSISTANT at a boarding school in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Thailand and South Africa. During the year the candidate will be employed as assistant teacher and boarding tutor directly by the school. Depending on the school as well as the country the focus will lie on teaching the German language or helping out as teaching assistant in other departments where there is no German. The “trademark” of the Junior German Assistant Programme, especially in those schools which do not offer German as a subject, is the qualification as GOOD ALLROUNDER.


The Junior German Assistant Programme functions as
sending organisation.


During working hours the schools attach great importance to SMART BUSINESS DRESS and impeccable business etiquette as a MEMBER OF STAFF. The duration of employment varies from school to school, from country to country. However, one should expect a period from end of August till mid-July. Individual relevant TERM DATES will be provided together with the school placement.

The requirement profile also varies depending on the school. In schools which do teach German, one should assume the following:


a) Teaching

The assistant will teach German Conversation Lessons about basic as well as current topics from German Cultural Studies. That also includes lessons as private tutoring or as exam preparations, team teaching in the classroom with another member of staff, special support for weaker/gifted pupils, occasional course work corrections, provision, editing and archiving of materials and resources from different media as well as generally assisting with the implementation of the daily school routine. Depending on the school, the assistant will work with pupils from all age groups (i.e. Sixth Form, GCSE, Junior/Senior German Club etc.)

b) Boarding

Depending on the school there will be duties like prep time supervision, offering and supervising post school activities, supervision during trips/excursions, coaching, morning/night duties, administrative tasks and general assistance during the daily boarding routine. 


We expect that every ASSISTANT will contribute their skills wholeheartedly besides the language department and boarding in order to become a vital member of the school community (e.g. in the Music and/or Performing Arts and/or P.E. Department).